Weekly Encouragement


The Lord knows what we need before we even ask. Life is not easy and there are going to be ups and downs on this journey. God is always with us, he will carry us through the storm if you put your trust in him. There was a time when I felt far away from him and alone in this world.  I actually didn’t think of the Lord each day. To be honest I only called on him in time of Crisis. I felt my failures were my fault and that it was up to me to make things work out. I was young and immature. Now I know that life is going to toss us around and it isn’t always our fault, and there are some things no matter how much we want to we just cannot fix.  Since I have come into my faith I feel much more centered and I know that there will be times of pain both physical and emotional. Having the ability to trust in God and see him as my Heavenly Father and confidant I have a peace within me and know he carries me through the storm.

Grace In The Journey

grace-in-the-journey2My story is long and in motion and still being written. I am not a perfect writer I didn’t sign up for that. I am just a mom and wife that wants to be perfect yet often fails and I have found that life is messy.

You will learn more about my struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis, how it broke me in every way and how I have been restored to a life worth loving. I will tell you about my experiences and how the Lord has put it on my heart to share my story through writing.

When I first felt God pulling me in this direction I thought it was a mistake. I have tried avoiding it in every which way and suppressing his direction mostly because I didn’t want to  think about those early years again. I have been fearful of sharing and allowing others to see what is just beneath my surface. Fearful that those who do know me won’t understand why I have decided to put it all out there. However I can no longer hide behind my own insecurities. God has other plans for me and I have decided to follow his lead.  I only hope that sharing my story can help someone through their own journey and that I can properly give God the glory for bringing me to where I am today. 

I want other families to know that peace can be found in chaos and to not give up hope no matter what your current situation is.

About Me



My name is Sue. I am a full time working Mom with two children and oh yeah one life changing disability. We are a very busy family and like many other families we have found that neither the dollar or time will stretch itself. We have had to find our way of work – life balance.  I named this Blog Family Tithes because I can admit there are more days than I wish where I feel totally spent with not much left in me to give at the end of the day.

Face it ladies, being a working mom is hard! After putting in a hard day at work we are required to go home and give our family the best of us, the good part of us, our First Fruits which is where I came up with this blog name Family Tithes as in (tithe. tīT͟H/…noun……..one tenth of annual produce or earnings, first fruits.)

 After a long work day, terrible traffic and sometimes downright rude people, I feel as though the transition home is the hardest part of the day. It is difficult to scale down our pace and just be a mom to these little precious people and put work issues on hold. Sometimes I get it and I sometimes fail harder than a Pinterest project.

So although my situation may be different than yours, I feel that in our hearts we are not much different and I hope that I am able to help other families find the Peace and a little inspiration along the way.


-Sue XOXO (1)