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My name is Sue. I am a full time working Mom with two children and oh yeah one life changing disability. We are a very busy family and like many other families we have found that neither the dollar or time will stretch itself. We have had to find our way of work – life balance.  I named this Blog Family Tithes because I can admit there are more days than I wish where I feel totally spent with not much left in me to give at the end of the day.

Face it ladies, being a working mom is hard! After putting in a hard day at work we are required to go home and give our family the best of us, the good part of us, our First Fruits which is where I came up with this blog name Family Tithes as in (tithe. tīT͟H/…noun……..one tenth of annual produce or earnings, first fruits.)

 After a long work day, terrible traffic and sometimes downright rude people, I feel as though the transition home is the hardest part of the day. It is difficult to scale down our pace and just be a mom to these little precious people and put work issues on hold. Sometimes I get it and I sometimes fail harder than a Pinterest project.

So although my situation may be different than yours, I feel that in our hearts we are not much different and I hope that I am able to help other families find the Peace and a little inspiration along the way.


-Sue XOXO (1)

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