Whether you are looking for a creative outlet or to start making extra money from home, starting your own is easier than you think. I have been blogging for five years using a free blogging site and though it was great to have a place to air my thoughts, I was limited in what I could actually do with my blog and it was really difficult to start monetizing.

When I decided to take a leap and monetize my blog and make a full commitment to making money with blogging I looked for other options where I could have more flexibility and ownership of my content and reach. This was a big plus with WordPress, and although there was a learning curve in learning a new platform I feel it has been easy enough to pick up on fairly quickly.

Why I chose Bluehost:

I am going to be completely honest and tell you that I chose Bluehost after a lot of research because this blog is a money making blog and Bluehost pays me to for new customers that I refer. It is that simple. Others might tell you they negotiated special deals but everyone is getting the same deal and you can too. You can start your site for as little as $5.95 a month or less depending on the current promotions. It’s that easy.  Start your blog with Bluehost, tell them you want to also be an affiliate and they provide you your own links to use on your site, then someone like you will choose to start a blog and click through a provided link and bingo… $$$ in your account.

Bluehost is not a MLM.  No really it is not.  I was really skeptical about this and did a ton of research to ensure I wasn’t getting roped into anything like another direct sales company. I was happy to find that they simply just pay you for the referral, there is no team to manage or anything else, none!

What I really liked about Bluehost is that it was easy to get started hosting, I got a FREE domain with the plan I chose (the basic), and they have an easy dashboard that links right up to WordPress so I didn’t have to do any difficult behind the scenes stuff to link the two.

Bluehost offers multiple plans but I suggest that you get a FREE domain when you purchase a 12 month hosting plan. I highly recommend going with an annual subscription because you don’t want to put in the time and effort perfecting your website to lose it because you forgot to renew your monthly subscription.  

I have had websites hosted with other companies when I was in direct sales which took more than half a Saturday just to get the site up. With Bluehost, I was up in running within minutes. Bluehost offers tech support, I asked a hundred questions in their help chat box and called with some more questions before I decided to sign up and they were very friendly and helpful. Actually I even made a mistake when selecting additional options and I bought a package I didn’t want, I called them right up and got a refund processed immediately. Other companies would not be so helpful, trust me I have been there done that and got the shirt.

Ready to get started? Great! Click the image below and you will be redirected to Bluehost to get started.


I am very excited that you are ready to get started!  Happy Postings!

-Sue XOXO (1)